akva long life waterbed conditioner
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Akva Long Life Waterbed Conditioner

Keep your waterbed mattress fresh

We sell geniune 13oz (380ml) bottles of Akva long life waterbed conditioner so you can be sure that the quality is of the highest standards. There are lots of waterbed websites on the internet with waterbed mattress conditioner for sale, but beware of cheap waterbed conditioner, you get what you pay for. Please also stay away from home made waterbed conditioner, leave the science to the experts! We believe that Akva long life is the best waterbed conditioner on sale, anywhere in the UK.

If you own an Akva waterbed mattress, you are required to use genuine Akva long life conditioner every year to qualify for their 5 year mattress warranty. Even if you own a waterbed mattress that is not an Akva, we highly recommend using Akva long life waterbed conditioner to ensure your mattress stays in perfect working order.

This 380ml bottle is enough to keep the water inside your mattress fresh and disinfected for the whole year (even in a super king size mattresses). Simply add the waterbed conditioner fluid to your waterbed mattress once a year and the conditioners' special properties take care of the rest.

If you buy your waterbed conditioner from us, we can send you a reminder every 12 months that you will need to add more conditioner fluid to your waterbed, so you can be sure your waterbed mattress is being maintained properly all year, every year.

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Please note, this offer is only available to UK customers.