waterbed conditioner

12 months supply of waterbed conditioner for just £11 inc. post and packaging!

A waterbed mattress should be cleaned with vinyl cleaner at least 4 times a year to preserve its quality. To keep the water inside the mattress fresh, it is recommended to add waterbed conditioner once a year. You can purchase your vinyl cleaner and waterbed conditioner as well as other useful accessories in our secure online shop below. We are an officially authorised Akva distributor. A world class waterbed brand that you can trust for the highest quality products.
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akva waterbed conditioner

Waterbed Conditioner - Akva Long Life 13oz£11.00

13oz (380ml) Bottle of genuine Akva long life waterbed conditioner. This bottle is enough to keep the water inside your mattress disinfected for the whole year (even super king size mattresses). Simply add the conditioner fluid to your waterbed mattress once a year and the conditioners' special properties look after the rest. Click here to read more about Akva long life waterbed conditioner.
NB - includes UK P&P only. For Rest of the World please call: 01633 211448

akva vinyl wash

Vinyl Cleaner - Akva Vinyl Wash 13oz£13.99

13oz (380ml) Bottle of genuine Akva vinyl wash. Cleans the surface of many different waterbed mattresses gently and effectively. Simply spread a little vinyl wash over the mattress with a dry cloth, then wipe away with a clean moist cloth. A waterbed mattress should be cleaned with vinyl cleaner at least 4 times a year to preserve its quality. We believe Akva vinyl wash is the best waterbed vinyl cleaner money can buy.

akva vinyl wash

Stinker Ade£21.99

On the rare occasions that an unpleasent smell developes in your waterbed, a bottle of Stinker Ade (250 ml) will help eliminate this smell. (up to approx. 350 liters). Use two bottles for a large, or a dual water bed. After approx. 14 days, we recommend adding AKVA Long Life conditioner.
IMPORTANT: In some severe cases, it may be necessary to drain and refill the water in the mattress.

akva waterbed air extractor

Akva Waterbed Air Extractor £13.99

Should you get any trapped air bubbles inside your waterbed mattress for any reason, you might need a waterbed air extractor to remove them. Screw the waterbed air extractor onto the waterbed mattress valve and begin pumping. The air is then sucked out of your mattress. You can use the air extractor with all of our Aquastar and Akva waterbeds as well as all other types of waterbed mattresses on sale in the UK.

waterbed repair kit

Waterbed Repair Kit £5.00

This high quality repair kit comes with a tube of strong vinyl glue, a pre-injection swab and a high quality vinyl patch. The kit is suitable for repairing small holes in any vinyl waterbed mattress.

akva quiet bubble stop

Akva Quiet Bubble Stop £11.99

Add this little bottle to your waterbed mattress and it stops bubbles being formed in your water.

Mediflow Water Pillow

Water Pillow £47.50

The water pillow provides better quality sleep and relief from neck pain and headache for more than a million people world wide.

Akva Carbon Waterbed Heater

Akva Carbon Waterbed Heater £175.00

Heating elements for water beds distribute heat evenly for maximum sleeping Comfort,. They are flexible, have sensitive heat control and protection against overheating. The analog control unit is easy to handle. (Rating: 300W - Power: 230V - Dimensions: 300 x 950mm).

Waterbed Hose Connector

Hose Connector £7.50

Hose connector suitable for connecting a hoselock style garden hose to your mattress to self-fill. The waterbed hose connector requires a connector (hoselock style) attached to your garden hose available from B&Q and other DIY stores.

Waterbed Maintenace Pack

Maintenance Pack £47.00

Everything you need to keep your waterbed in perfect working order. Includes waterbed conditioner, vinyl cleaner, bubble stop, air extractor, repair kit, and hose connector.