Aquastar Pandora

Aquastar Vika

Maximum Style, Minimum Fuss

VIKA is the bed that really turns heads.Its understated, minimalist design means it looks fabulous as a stand-alone bed and makes a real feature for the showroom, bedroom or loft. Vika answers your storage problems. Combinations of 2 and 4 drawers are available. Choose the mirror pedestal, and your waterbed appears to be floating in mid-air. How's that for a talking point?! Luxury and comfort combined, as always, with chic styling, making Vika our most versatile bed, with a vibrant, contemporary appeal. A great-value concept bed. Vika is a cost-effective way to get the look for less. And you can add any headboard you like.

This luxury waterbed comes with a digital, low voltage heating system equipped with an easily-programmable day/night shutdown feature. Thanks to state-of-the-art control electronics, it works in an energy efficient way that is gentle on materials. The operating status and error diagnostics are indicated by multicolour LEDs.

You also get the choice from 13 different levels of stabilisation (determines how quickly the water settles when you lay on it), extra lumbar support and custom safety liner for a bed that perfectly matches your needs and wishes.
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All of our mattresses are available in single-part (uno) or two-part (dual) designs. Dual systems are beneficial if your partner is heavier or lighter than you are, or if you prefer different temperatures and stabilisation on each side.
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