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Akva Vega

Waterbed Motion Guide

Waterbed development has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when a waterbed would feel like you are lying on a swimming pool inflatable lilo. You can now choose the level of water movement inside the mattress to exactly suit your preference.

Whether you are looking for a full motion, free flow waterbed or a waveless waterbed (sometimes referred to as a motionless waterbed) depends on the amount of stabilisation layers inside the mattress.

Stabilisation layers are layers of fabric inserted into the mattress to reduce the waterbed movement. With no stabilisation layers, the waterbed will settle in about 25 seconds. The more layers applied to the mattress, the more stable the waterbed will be. A typical full motion or free flow waterbed mattress is typically refered to as a F0 mattress and a waveless or motionless mattress is a F6. A motionless waterbed mattress feels like it is filled with a thick liquid gel and reacts slowly to your movements, a truly fantastic experience.

We can also add extra lumbar supports into the mattresses to give more support in the lower back area of your body. The diagram below shows the different levels of stabilisation available.

waterbed stablilisation layers