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Waterbeds and you

Waterbed Health Benefits

Waterbeds reduce back problems, help asthma sufferers and have many benefits that are good for your health.

Many conditions - including that of perfect health - will derive benefit from a waterbed, as members of the medical profession have long acknowledged. A waterbed itself is not a cure, but it can provide relief, improve the overall situation and as a result encourage the body to heal itself. Many studies show that an uninterrupted full night of sleep on a regular basis can improve many health problems.

Backache is one condition waterbeds are very good at relieving. People with varying severities of backache are discovering that a bed which moulds to your specific shape - such as a waterbed - is far more beneficial, as the diagram demonstrates.

Curved spine due to spring mattress

Normal Mattress

Due to the increased levels of pressure applied to your hips and shoulders, your spine is in a curved position while you sleep on a normal spring mattress.

Natural spine position with waterbed mattress

Waterbed Mattress

With a waterbed mattress there are no areas of increased pressure so your hips and shoulders are level and your spine can rest in a natural position.


Arthritis sufferers are amongst the people most benefited by a waterbed. All-over support reduces the pressure on the major areas of arthritic inflammation. The warmth improves the blood circulation in the whole body and can reduce the localised pain.

DustmiteAllergenics and Asthma sufferers can enjoy a much cleaner, healthier environment while they sleep. Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. A normal mattress is the perfect breeding ground for the microscopic dust mite and as a result, millions of people around the world are sharing their bed with these little creatures who are causing havoc to their health. The vinyl surface of a waterbed mattress means that any skin particles, dust or bacteria can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth and some disinfectant. Having a waterbed means you can say goodbye to dust mites.

Bed sores often occur on people who are bedridden for extended periods of time. These sore ulcers appear on the surface of the skin in areas where the blood supply to the skin has been lost for more than two to three hours. By using a heated waterbed mattress you allow the blood to flow freely throughout your whole body, greatly reducing the risk of bed sores.

In April 2008, a study published in Spine Journal (and now cited in the BUPA online factsheets back pain Q & As), concluded that waterbed and memory foam mattresses are more effective for relieving chronic lower back pain than the traditional "firm" support mattress. In the study, people with chronic lower back pain were given one of three different types of mattress to test. As well as offering more suitable support, the first two, waterbed and body conforming foam mattresses - were equally linked to an overall higher quality sleep.

You can read the Spine Journal study here.

You can read the BUPA factsheet here.