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Waterbeds and you

Waterbed Mattress Guide

Custom sizes are available on request.

Because there are so many different options and bed types, you truly need specialist help and advise to choose the correct waterbed to address your sleep and health needs. We are specialists in our field and do not sell any other type of bed. Please visit our showroom in Newport to try out the different styles of waterbed we offer and get a better idea of what is best for you. Or feel free to call us on 01633 211448 for advice.

Mattress Sizes

Single or Split Mattress

We offer both single and split mattresses. The latter is a particularly good option if there is a weight difference between you and your partner or if you would like individual temperature settings or stabilisation levels on either side. Click here to read more about stabilisation levels.

A soft divider separates the two mattresses. Dividers are available in soft/hard foam or filled with water or air and covered in vinyl. A super-flex cover is available for the divider which can be cleaned, just like the mattress, with some vinyl wash. You can find vinyl wash in our online shop.

Single Mattress

Single Mattress

With a single mattress there is 1 heating element with joint stabilisation.

Single Mattress

Split Mattress

With a split mattress there are 2 separate heating elements with individual stabilisation.